Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby Genius Goes to Preschool

Oh my gosh how did this happen?  How is it even remotely possible that the baby, that I swear I just gave birth to like a week ago, was the same kid I dropped off at mother's morning out preschool today?  Where in the H-E double hockey sticks is the pause button for growing up?  Waaahhhh.
It was bad enough sending my oldest "baby" to middle school this year and now the little baby has a backpack.  To quote the Ninny "What the fudgesicles?"  He looked adorable though, and he was so excited to go this morning.  I dropped him off quickly (like ripping off a band-aid!), and then peeked around the corner.   He was headed for the door after me (but not crying).  The teacher (Ms. Molly) quickly redirected him back to the table of playdoh.  He looked nervous, but I knew (hoped and prayed) he would be ok, so I left.  I returned early to get that little stinker because I missed him like crazy (maybe not the playing with the light switches, slamming doors, and climbing on tables and counters so much, but the hugs and giggles for sure).   I wait and wait and then Ms. Molly his new teacher brings him out and he is all smiles.  So happy to see me right?  Wrong!  He was happy to see the new room because they exited through the nursery which he had not seen yet.   He took one look at the doll house, sat on the floor and said "Stay?"  Yeah thanks buddy I'm glad to see you too.  ;0)   In all honesty though, I couldn't be happier that he enjoyed it so much because that's why he's there.  Not to learn letters and numbers, there is plenty of time for that (plus he knows them all anyhow).  He needs the socialization and patience that comes from time in a nurturing group environment.   Seems like just last year I was dropping off Maddie at her 2 year old class, and now she's a 6th grader.  Stop time Stop!

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