Thursday, August 16, 2012

Orthodontics Update

It's only fair that I give an update about the expander we have been dealing with for my son.   After that last post where I was ready to find a way to slowly kill myself with the RPE key the ever patient orthodontist assistant at the office met me on her day off when the office was CLOSED to help me fix the incomplete turn.  She recommended we give my son (and mostly me) a break while we went on vacation.  We let him adjust to the expander for two weeks before beginning to turn.  This was a great idea.  Over those two weeks we forgot he had it he was doing so well.  This became a problem when I gave him a stick of gum and he got it all entangled in his expander and gagged himself until he threw up.  Woo Hoo mom of the year again!!!!    After we removed all the gum and worked on keeping it clean we both did much better.   I did go and get a head lamp which made things much better.  The fabulous Dr Seymour walked me through the turning again giving me even more tips and confidence on turning it.  We got in a routine and got it going.  Before I knew it, it had been 25 days and we were done turning! Woo Hoo.   I'm sure the people at Wesley Chapel Orthodontics are glad I'm done harassing them now :0)   AJ has a nice break for a few months while his mouth adjusts and then it's braces time!!

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