Sunday, July 8, 2012

Key West Survival

We have returned from Key West.  It's easy to forget just how long of a state Florida is.  While the drive was relatively easy, and the kids were rock stars as far as patience goes, it still took 7.5 - 8 hours to get from Tampa to Key West.  And in case you didn't know it's flipping HOT in Florida in July.  The humidity in Key West is worse than here so it was sort of like vacationing in a hot steaming bowl of soup.  With great views of course.  The boys (well not the littlest boy) went fishing and brought us back some delicious looking mahi that I will cook tonight.  We went on a glass bottom boat ride that I nearly tossed my cookies on and regretted every second of.  I couldn't even LOOK out the glass bottom without turning green.  Remind me not to do that again... We window shopped up and down Duval & Front streets and Mallory Square.  We paid a bit too much money to see Hemingway's house and some cats, and we ate more desserts than we should have had all month.  You know, a typical successful family vacation.  Nicholas loved looking for roosters and chickens (which roam all over the place in K.W.).  AJ most enjoyed the fishing trip and eating mussels twice.  Maddie was mostly a fan of the pool and the sun deck views on the roof of the hotel.  My favorite thing was just seeing something new.  What I like about summer is the ability to whisk off somewhere for 3 - 4 days without worry about missing school or school work.  Enjoy the tourist pictures below. 

Maddie always watching out for Nick

morning view off the hotel dock

morning at the hotel

looking for crabs

lizard eating a crab!

coolest toy store ever

magician in the toy store

random rooster

waiting to feed the tarpon and shark

mama chicken and her babies in a parking lot

beef carpacchio

strolling down Duval street

Nick is ready to go

reading in the back seat

hard at work

historic Key West

fishing for Mahi

morning at the hotel

Key Lime Muffin

silly boys in Key Largo

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