Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Playing With The Sun

         Why does it seem like the summer is a mix of weeks flying by and days juts dragging on and on.   We have tried doing a couple of small trips this summer but without summer camp some of the home days seem to have 36 hours full of needy squabbling kids.  So I have tried to come up with a few new cool ideas to keep things fresh and new.  I should be working with them on multiplication or something but that takes way more dedication than I have.  I hear the whining in my head before I even suggest it and I run for the hills!!!   So instead on this day we made some fun with the sun.  We made Sun Prints. Since Steve Spangler has done it then it totally qualifies as educational right!?
        The Sun Print paper comes in a black bag with a thick piece of plexi glass.  You take out the paper you want (inside not out in the sun).  You choose some fun objects of any kind to lay on top of the paper and cover with the plexiglass.  Then you go outside and lay it in the sun until the paper turns a very pale blue.  In the FL sun that takes only 40 seconds.  (A lesson in sun screen anyone?)  You then bring it inside and "fix" (remember when we had to DEVELOP film?) it with water and a couple drops of lemon juice.  The lemon juice just makes the blue darker but it is not a requirement.  Then you lay it flat to dry.  Pretty neat stuff!
The purple is the folder we used underneath

laying out in the sun under the plexiglass

just after rinsing


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