Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Road Trip!

Help... tomorrow I will be trapped in the car with all 3 kids for approximately 8 hours.  Have I mentioned that I like road trips for about 3.5 hours and then I look for the eject button?  Yeah...  Too bad for me as we live in FL so I really need to suck it up so we can drive to Key West.  Thank God my husband does all the driving on these trips.  Packed up some new Blue's Clue's episodes for the little one.  Thank God because I cannot listen to Mr Salt & Mrs Pepper having a baby AGAIN... For the older two I made the coolest travel binders though.  Thank you Pinterest for some printables and some ideas.  The rest I made with photo shop.  Hopefully this buys us some "Are we there yet?" free hours.
Each kid gets:
 a binder with a clip and paper

time "tickets" tear one up every 30 min
 Those cool colored pencils that have a bunch of colors mixed up in them and dry erase markers with erasers to play the games below (all laminated).
Each kid has a different bingo card

Write On Wipe Off Battleship

How many state's plates can you find

And a road map so they can track the progress

little one gets a mini box of goodies

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