Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Day Another Craft

I have a bit of a craft addiction.  OK bit is in correct, it's more like a truckload.  Currently I am trying to learn to knit.  It is not going as well as I would hope.  As in I cannot even make one row.  So in the mean time I work on something I actually can make well so that I can feel like I did something with a start and an END that day.  Dishes/ Laundry/ cleaning; they never ever end.  I needed a quick project that was crafty in nature that someone appreciated.  Ya know?  I decided to make another sensory box.  I love making sensory bins for the little one.  Originally I made them because he is what they call "tactile defensive." Basically he doesn't want to touch things that are squishy, or slimy etc.  So he also has a super limited diet because he won't eat most textures.  Supposedly these would entice him to play with a variety of textures.  The boxes are generally themed and have a base of beans or rice or similar.  Lately the little one has been all about outer space.  Rockets, (especially Disney's Little Einsteins), Saturn, Stars and the like.  So I made an outer space box.  he LOVES it.  He grabs the stars and says "YES! a staaaarrrrrr."  He picks up little C3PO and says "Hi. I a robot."  It gets me a good 10 - 15 minutes of quiet time.  Down here in muggy 90 degree Florida we summer hibernate anyhow and this is a good indoor game.  Better indoors because the last time he played it on the lanai some beans "escaped." And then it poured, and they actually sprouted LOL.  Science time kids!!!!  Here's are some pics of the box and the boy. 

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  1. We're going on a trip in a famous rocket ship... love, Hat.