Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LIttle One Hits the Water AKA Mom's has a panic attack every 2 minutes.

Oh little boy why are you so fearless?  I am pretty sure this is the question many a mom has asked.  I am no different now.  The older two just were not like this.  I didn't find them squeezing themselves into a dollhouse, or under a stool.  I didn't witness them standing on the kitchen table trying to get the chandelier!  But this guy, he is a daredevil.  And he thinks he is a Navy Seal in training.  He adores the water.  He goes in laughing and smiles with full on smiles under the water.  The problem is he is just now learning to swim.  But yet he thinks he can just jump in and grab the nearest person or object.  Hello.  Does he know I am obsessively worried about kids and water?  Does he know we live in the drowning capital of the U.S??? Apparently not.  He is taking swimming lessons and I am about to double up on them at least until he can float (rest) and get clear across the pool.  Until that time I will have to drink heavily.  Yesterday he was putting on quite a show.  Throwing his hands up in the air like a bear about to attack.  With a big "Cat with the Canary" Grin he belly flops off the stairs and swims a good 2 feet.  :)   Aye Caramba.  I say. "You sir are a maniac!"  His response? "yes! I amazing-ac"  Lord help me....  Enjoy the video 


  1. Love the video!! What kind of camera did you use, again? I love the shots it takes!