Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Royal Mess

So, a neighbor is about to have a baby girl.  The grown up girls, AKA: the moms, get all excited over little frilly pink things so it was time to throw a neighborhood shower.  Me, the craft loving fool, was all excited to make a diaper cake and some favors.    I scoured Pinterest for the perfect favors and thought I had it down.  Shimmery Glass Slippers & Crown sugar cookies. YES!!  I bought the icing and the cookie cutters and went to work.  Stumbling over the little guy who decided that he should lay on the kitchen floor to play his game I dusted the kitchen island with flour and powdered sugar.  After a totally messy rolling and cutting production they went in the oven looking great.  Then it all went bad.  The crowns were puffing up, and quickly resembling fat 4 fingered Muppet hands.  The shoes looked like they belonged on a pair of cankles.  PINTEREST FAIL!!!  This is the stuff that stops people from ever - cooking - again.  It was THAT bad.  I ran to Michaels for a backup favor and came up with these cute lollipop favors.  The diaper cake, washcloth cupcakes and lollipop favors all fit perfectly into the fantastic shower and no one needed to know about the deformed Muppet claws that had been baking the night before...

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