Thursday, June 28, 2012

World's Smallest Two Wheelers AKA Balance Bikes

      It's a sad fact that my 9 year old cannot ride a two-wheeler.  He would rather walk or ride a scooter than even try.  This go round, with the little one, we bought something called a balance bike.  It doesn't have training wheels.  The premise is that they can just walk while sitting on the bike and eventually they will run and lift up their feet.  I am pretty sure that is a stretch of what will actually happen but the bike is adorable just the same.  We actually got it about 6 months ago but he was too small for it.  Now we have reached the point that he can get on and off he just cannot pick it up from laying down.  He walks about 10 steps and then stages an accident.  Really?  Yes... There is no shortage of theatrics in this house I tell ya!  It takes him longer to stage the fall than it did to get to the scene of the crime.  It cracks me up every time.  If I don't respond he does it again. In the same spot.  Only louder this time.  

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