Monday, June 25, 2012

Medeival Torture Devices For Children

They call it an expander... it sounds harmless and like a great idea at the time.  Then you see one.  And you know that your son who cries when his socks don't fit or swears he needs underwear 2 sizes to big will never ever adjust to the thing.  Rapid Palatal Expander is what it is actually called and the middle one got one today.  I talked with the orthodontist first.  I explained that he has issues with some things, that he is more sensitive than some... He assured me this was the best option and if it doesn't work we can take it out.  Today he got it put on and... oh my aching heart!!  I hate hate hate this for him.  His gums and cheeks and tongue are hurting and scraping from the newness of it.  It is causing an overproduction of saliva and well since your tongue is normally touching the roof of your mouth wen you swallow he is also having a hard time swallowing.  So he is lisping, in pain and scared.  They showed me how to turn it and when he got nervous I instantly said, "No Way not going to do it."  They assured me it will not be that hard and he can adjust to it 1st and we can begin turning it tomorrow night.  This is one of those things that I am having to fight every urge to run to the orthodontist in the morning and tell them to take the frigging thing out STAT!!!  Here's hoping tomorrow is 50% better and I can get the nerve to turn the damned thing....

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  1. I can totally relate to that feeling of just wanting to make the pain stop for your kids. Hang in there! Praying he feels much better by the time you have to turn the horrid device. :(