Sunday, June 24, 2012

Honey I Broke the Baby and other calls you don't want on vacation

Mommy guilt... here it is folks.  You know you deserve a little time away.  You know your family will actually be better off because you will be happier having had a little you time.  But yet, all you get is guilt and worry.  Offset by a few hours of festivities of course.  I had a weekend away in Denver with one of my very best friends.  No kids, No housecleaning, No laundry!  I was ready for cooler temps and pretty mountains.  Sleeping in and having some drinks in the evening.  It didn't exactly go as planned.  No sooner had I landed and was trying to get a rental car when I get a call from my husband. "Where is the car seat I need to bring the baby to the ER his hand got closed in the door on the hinge side and may be broken."   Ummmm WHAT!?   The guy at the Budget counter who was trying to sell me additional insurance I didn't need got the glare of death as I had this conversation on the phone.  Luckily he caught on that it may be important and waited.  Turns out after an ER trip and x-rays it was not broken (PHEW!) He is doing ok now but this is NOT how you start that relaxing mom get away. 
The very next morning I am woken by the phone at 6 am (8 am at home) because the babysitter has gone M.I.A.  She was supposed to arrive at 8 am that day so hubby could work and apparently she had an operator error with her alarm.  Pissed off stressed out husband + missing baby sitter + mom on the other side of the country = NOT a relaxing morning...  She eventually showed up but this now means no more of these trips while she is supposed to be the relief pitcher.  That is for sure!!!!
I did squeeze in some drinks, some fun, some more drinks and a little sleep though, and then I flew home and landed in a panic smack in the middle of a tropical storm... Yeah because this is how my life goes...   

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  1. The line "Honey, I broke the baby," made me laugh out loud. Glad you were able to grab some fun and that the little guy is ok!